February Wishes.

1. The tiny book of tiny stories 
2. Zig Zag triangle earrings . Asos
3.Patent watch. Asos
4. MAC studio finish concealer
5. Complete stories of Sherlock Holmes
6. There is no six I seemed to have missed a number out. Ooops
7. MAC lipstick Dare you
8. The brothers Grimm complete fairytales
9. Turban headband 

Righty o.. This month I am determined to buy everything on the list give or take a few items. I don't know if it is possible to crave books but I have been craving some... which explains the books the list. After watching Sherlock (bearing in mind I'm completely devastated that there's only 3 episodes and I have to wait till next year for the next series) I think I'm in love with the stories can't wait to get myself a copy :). 
everything else seems pretty standard and I only found out yesterday about these turban headbands from Crystalised Elements. they are handmade and ONLY 2 POUNDS EACH!!! so I'd recommend them to anyone.  


  1. Love the earrings and the watch <3 x


  2. It's definitely possible to crave books! I love the jewellery and mac lipstick xx