Communion Manchester

A picture heavy post I know :) but on Thursday my sister and  I went to ou first ever communion show at the night and day cafe in Manchester. Although I got home quite late for a weekday and got up at six with a banging headache; I have to say it was absolutely delightful and to see five amazing bands for five pounds made it even more worthwhile. the line up included Literature Thieves, Stefan Melbourne, Gabriel and the Hounds, Second Shepherds and the incredibly talented Rae Morris < I met her and mumbled something like a babbling idiot > but she was soo nice and humble which is always refreshing. if i had to choose a favourite act it would most definitely be Rae Morris but that's not cos the other acts weren't good it's just cos i'm crazy in love with her music..... I've tried to find some videos soo.....

Seriously find out if there's a communion night in your town/city and if you like up and coming artists or are just looking for a gig to go to you won't be disappointed 

* I think they currently have them in London, Brighton, Leeds, Bristol, Dublin, Belfast Oxford, Glasgow, Manchester, Cornwall, Edinburgh, Galway and Newcastle

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