Who Cares What You Listen To

So I though I'd share with you all on my 'revision break' some of my current/all time favourite artists (mostly folksy goodness).  
So here it goes...

Ray LaMontagne: all time favourite what's there not to love eh?
The Staves: I'm going to see these guys in a couple of weeks *fingers crossed* 
Damien Rice: As cool as a cucumber (do people say that)
Bon Iver: If you don't like Bon Iver I probably won't like you ever ever <seriously only joking everyone's entitled to their own music taste/opinions obviously
Etta James: I'm such an oldie but I seriously lover her songs like seriously :)
Ben Howard: Do I really need to state my love for Ben Howard's music??? 
The Maccabees: I have a confession I know they've been around for ageeess but I never really liked them. OOoops. But seriously loved their Radio 1 Live Lounge and was converted
Matt Corby: His music is good. That's all I have to say :)


oh yeah my current guilty pleasure obviously none other than....

What can I say it puts a smile on my face. I could be here all day and this list could go on and on but there is hard work to be done. 
Hope you've enjoyed a sneak peak into my amazing musical genius of a brain musical likes....What are your current/all time favourites ??

Until next time

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