Sorry if my backlog of posts clogged up anyone's dashboard.
Lately, technology and I haven't been the best of friends and I don't know how that happened.



I have only just discovered the brilliance of Fink and I have found a new favourite. 
With a sound that I can only describe as mesmerising and almost hypnotic; there's definitely something special about their sound and I'm truly in awe of their talent and ability to create such inspiring music. 


Do I Know You From Somewhere....

Hiii guyyyysssss 
I'm back and can breathe a huge sigh of relief because I am done with A-Levels!!!! and will hopefully get into my chosen university in September. 
There are so much exciting things coming for the blog and can't wait to share it all, but for now I'm off to catch up on a backlog of posts from my favourite bloggers so ciao!!!!
Before I go I shall leave you with this.

I've been listening to a lot of JP Cooper recently and anyone who fancies soulful music should definitely check out his YouTube channel. 

Till next time.
Simi. x


Back on top form by mid-June 


Over The Hill

Two posts on music in a row???... yes it does feel better than winning the lottery. But this session is just too good to not share. Why can't they all just come together and make one big amazing band eh?