Sorry if my backlog of posts clogged up anyone's dashboard.
Lately, technology and I haven't been the best of friends and I don't know how that happened.



I have only just discovered the brilliance of Fink and I have found a new favourite. 
With a sound that I can only describe as mesmerising and almost hypnotic; there's definitely something special about their sound and I'm truly in awe of their talent and ability to create such inspiring music. 


Do I Know You From Somewhere....

Hiii guyyyysssss 
I'm back and can breathe a huge sigh of relief because I am done with A-Levels!!!! and will hopefully get into my chosen university in September. 
There are so much exciting things coming for the blog and can't wait to share it all, but for now I'm off to catch up on a backlog of posts from my favourite bloggers so ciao!!!!
Before I go I shall leave you with this.

I've been listening to a lot of JP Cooper recently and anyone who fancies soulful music should definitely check out his YouTube channel. 

Till next time.
Simi. x


Back on top form by mid-June 


Over The Hill

Two posts on music in a row???... yes it does feel better than winning the lottery. But this session is just too good to not share. Why can't they all just come together and make one big amazing band eh? 


Who Cares What You Listen To

So I though I'd share with you all on my 'revision break' some of my current/all time favourite artists (mostly folksy goodness).  
So here it goes...

Ray LaMontagne: all time favourite what's there not to love eh?
The Staves: I'm going to see these guys in a couple of weeks *fingers crossed* 
Damien Rice: As cool as a cucumber (do people say that)
Bon Iver: If you don't like Bon Iver I probably won't like you ever ever <seriously only joking everyone's entitled to their own music taste/opinions obviously
Etta James: I'm such an oldie but I seriously lover her songs like seriously :)
Ben Howard: Do I really need to state my love for Ben Howard's music??? 
The Maccabees: I have a confession I know they've been around for ageeess but I never really liked them. OOoops. But seriously loved their Radio 1 Live Lounge and was converted
Matt Corby: His music is good. That's all I have to say :)


oh yeah my current guilty pleasure obviously none other than....

What can I say it puts a smile on my face. I could be here all day and this list could go on and on but there is hard work to be done. 
Hope you've enjoyed a sneak peak into my amazing musical genius of a brain musical likes....What are your current/all time favourites ??

Until next time


Happy Easter

Blazer: Vintage 
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Topshop (can't really see them)
Top: It's just a black vest top and I have no idea where it's from Ooops.

I have no idea where any of Sophie's items are from but I'm pretty certain her shoes are from Republic.

Hi All,
Believe it or not I've been trying to get this post up since 4pm (long story picture uploading problems).. But I hope everyone is having a nice long relaxing Easter break.  Today was Easter service at Church so I decided to break out the cream pants . I'd like to think I've not been blogging because I was busy revising for June exams but noooo.. Mad Men has taken over my weekend I recently got into it and I've been catching up from series 1 so I'm kind of hooked.

In other news, everyone say hello to my sister Sophie; she's home from uni and insisted that I post pictures up (so if you're reading I hope you're happy now) and also to Ruby my dog who also insisted on getting in every picture and sniffing my shoes.



Skirt: H&M
Midi skirt: H&M
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

So I went into town today to pick up a basic jersey midi skirt but came away with a few more items than intended and a lot less money in my bank account. But oh well sometimes a girl can't help it. The photographs does not really do the jewellery any justice but I absolutely love the necklace; it's got different metallic tones and looks very elegant. And I have CREAM RIDING PANTS.They aren't the AA ones so hold your horses I didn't fork out £75 for a pair of trousers and these fit perfectly. Never in a million years would I have thought of buying cream pants as they just seem like a no go area for me but there's a first time for everything and I'm determined to 'jazz up' my wardrobe. 



Beauty is all around you.

When I decided that architecture was the thing for me it was hard not to get drawn to the beauty of Gothic Revival architecture and late Victorian buildings.
Truly inspirational.


Back to Front

velvet top -  £3.99

Blazer -  £7

shirt -  £4.99

Bag -  £0.99

I love how you can find little gems or even just bits and bobs on ebay. my recent ebay binge includes my first ever velvet buy ( wooop woop ) , a tweedy sort of blaze which I was a bit apprehensive about  but ended up buying, a new shirt which I bought solely cos of the colour blocks and this beautiful vintage bag which was a steal at 99p :)
what's the best item you've ever bought on ebay ???


Communion Manchester

A picture heavy post I know :) but on Thursday my sister and  I went to ou first ever communion show at the night and day cafe in Manchester. Although I got home quite late for a weekday and got up at six with a banging headache; I have to say it was absolutely delightful and to see five amazing bands for five pounds made it even more worthwhile. the line up included Literature Thieves, Stefan Melbourne, Gabriel and the Hounds, Second Shepherds and the incredibly talented Rae Morris < I met her and mumbled something like a babbling idiot > but she was soo nice and humble which is always refreshing. if i had to choose a favourite act it would most definitely be Rae Morris but that's not cos the other acts weren't good it's just cos i'm crazy in love with her music..... I've tried to find some videos soo.....

Seriously find out if there's a communion night in your town/city and if you like up and coming artists or are just looking for a gig to go to you won't be disappointed 

* I think they currently have them in London, Brighton, Leeds, Bristol, Dublin, Belfast Oxford, Glasgow, Manchester, Cornwall, Edinburgh, Galway and Newcastle


Deep in my Heart....

Hi all. 
I have definitely no forgotten about this and I've decided that if i am going to do this properly, I'm going to do it about things I genuinely love so brace yourselves...
I've managed to draw up a plan and plan to post about 3-4 times a week. posts are mainly going to be focused on music, outfits and exhibitions... and maybe the occasional book here and there.

for now I'll leave you with the lovely Marques Toliver and his violin :)


My blogging ability is actually shamefullll :(
I'll get back in the groove very soon 
*watch this space*


February Wishes.

1. The tiny book of tiny stories 
2. Zig Zag triangle earrings . Asos
3.Patent watch. Asos
4. MAC studio finish concealer
5. Complete stories of Sherlock Holmes
6. There is no six I seemed to have missed a number out. Ooops
7. MAC lipstick Dare you
8. The brothers Grimm complete fairytales
9. Turban headband 

Righty o.. This month I am determined to buy everything on the list give or take a few items. I don't know if it is possible to crave books but I have been craving some... which explains the books the list. After watching Sherlock (bearing in mind I'm completely devastated that there's only 3 episodes and I have to wait till next year for the next series) I think I'm in love with the stories can't wait to get myself a copy :). 
everything else seems pretty standard and I only found out yesterday about these turban headbands from Crystalised Elements. they are handmade and ONLY 2 POUNDS EACH!!! so I'd recommend them to anyone.  


Spaces Between Happiness and the Hardness

Just thought I'd share some quick sketches from my sketchbook observing spaces and places :).
anyone else completely in love with  Ben Howard and his music ... cos I certainly am. I never idolise musicians but his work is truly beautiful and inspirational. I've had his album on repeat for months absolutely love it. 


New Beginnings...

Guess who is trying their hand at blogging..... yours truly :) 
anyway I thought I'd make an effort to do this properly this time round so Happy Reading.