Deep in my Heart....

Hi all. 
I have definitely no forgotten about this and I've decided that if i am going to do this properly, I'm going to do it about things I genuinely love so brace yourselves...
I've managed to draw up a plan and plan to post about 3-4 times a week. posts are mainly going to be focused on music, outfits and exhibitions... and maybe the occasional book here and there.

for now I'll leave you with the lovely Marques Toliver and his violin :)


My blogging ability is actually shamefullll :(
I'll get back in the groove very soon 
*watch this space*


February Wishes.

1. The tiny book of tiny stories 
2. Zig Zag triangle earrings . Asos
3.Patent watch. Asos
4. MAC studio finish concealer
5. Complete stories of Sherlock Holmes
6. There is no six I seemed to have missed a number out. Ooops
7. MAC lipstick Dare you
8. The brothers Grimm complete fairytales
9. Turban headband 

Righty o.. This month I am determined to buy everything on the list give or take a few items. I don't know if it is possible to crave books but I have been craving some... which explains the books the list. After watching Sherlock (bearing in mind I'm completely devastated that there's only 3 episodes and I have to wait till next year for the next series) I think I'm in love with the stories can't wait to get myself a copy :). 
everything else seems pretty standard and I only found out yesterday about these turban headbands from Crystalised Elements. they are handmade and ONLY 2 POUNDS EACH!!! so I'd recommend them to anyone.